Am I Ready?


 Ask yourself the following questions:


  • Am I looking to have more control over my career?

Many people have found owning a franchise to be beneficial, allowing them the opportunity to “be their own boss” with the guidelines and structure of an already rooted system.


  • Do I have good people skills?

Effective communication is essential for franchisees as they must interact ethically with their customers, employees and business partners.


  • Am I a team player?

People who express themselves directly and honestly, yet are open to constructive criticism from others, will find greater success.  Most times, when part of a franchise, one must embrace the ideas, standards and procedures of someone else.  It is also crucial to understand that what is good for one, may not be good for the whole.


  • Am I a hard worker?

It’s no secret that owning a business, whether franchised, or independent, is hard work.  Possessing the attitude of “Whatever it takes!” is necessary to propel one to success.


  • Can I handle managerial responsibilities?

The ability to lead, motivate and respect others are necessary in promoting productivity.  In addition, good managers don’t mind “getting their hands dirty”.  One should expect to experience what their employees experience from interacting with customers, to cleaning up at the end of the day.


  • Do I have a strong support system?

A tremendous amount of time and energy goes into starting any new business venture.  Family and friends who understand and support this are key factors in a successful business.


If you relate to the above questions and information in an affirmative manner, then franchising with COVIS just might be for you!

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