Business Model

When your potential customers contact you to design your Outdoor Living area, you can feel confident knowing you will have received all the tools and training to give them the results they have envisioned. Our business model will insure that your hardscaping clients will be happy and satisfied with the end product, and this is a priority in every step of our hardscape and outdoor living space designing process:


Start with an initial consultation on the site. You will be trained how to take all the necessary measurements and proper language used to discuss your client’s vision and goals for their outdoor space.


How to communicate properly all aspects of the design, including layout, materials and schedule.


You will need to listen carefully to your clients and make sure you include all their specifications and desired components in the custom design. We will guide you in how to design a mockup of the area and layout the outdoor space.


The client will review the design and finalize it before you begin construction. Revisions may be made to the design at this time, to get it as close as possible to the client’s desired result.


COVIS makes it happen! After the client approves the final design, construction begins on their new Outdoor Living Space.


We’re confident in the training and tools we will provide to each Franchisee. Join our proven team!

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